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"The Tudors" Fanfic Community
FIC: graven with diamonds in letters plain [Complete] 
11th-Oct-2011 07:54 pm
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Title: graven with diamonds in letters plain
Author(s): angelqueen04
Fandom(s): The Tudors
Pairing(s): Anne Boleyn/Henry VIII of England
Word Count: 38,184
Rating/Warnings: PG-13, with descriptions of canon character deaths, miscarriages, violence, and foul language, SPOILERS for pretty much the entire series
Beta: lupinskitten
Artist: redbells
Summary: An alternate universe described by letters, diaries, and non-fiction excerpts, featuring the lives of Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, and those who revolved around them after the dissolution of their marriage in February 1536. Anne retires from court as the Duchess of Pembroke, while Henry marries Jane Seymour. Nonetheless, Anne and Henry's lives remain entwined, and the ties of love and passion refuse to die.
Author's notes: Written for the het_bigbang. The story is complete.

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