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thetudors_fic's Journal

"The Tudors" Fanfic Community
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Welcome to "The Tudors" Fanfic Community!

This community was created as a place to share fanfic of all kinds that focus on the Showtimes series "The Tudors."

Our membership is open -- and we plan to keep it that way in a 'drama free' environment.

Yes -- this community is RP (real people) friendly. If RPF (and/or RPS) offends you, please don't join.

Please be sure to read our community RULES.

Ignorance of the rules is no excuse, so please take time to read these over. THANKS!

What can be shared here?

Any slash (or combo) fanfic efforts that feature the characters or actors of the seris "The Tudors." This includes drabbles, one shots, ficlets and multi-chapter series. And, yes, we'd love to have you post your fanfic banners with your work, as well!

We highly encourage people to offer FEEDBACK (comments) in response to all fanfic shared here.

Aside from sharing fanfic, we hope to have DISCUSSION that focuses on fanfics, feedback and fanfic writing -- as well as topics discussing the series "The Tudors."

As a fan of this series we assume you know the content is mature, which means any media based on the show might reflect this. Mature content should be placed behind an lj-cut tag -- with suitable warnings outside the cut.

Please check our RULES about the use of lj-cut tags! Because these warnings will be in place, there shouldn't be any reason for members to complain about explicit content being shared here -- however if explicit content is offensive to you, this probably isn't the right community for you.

This community is moderated by brn_gamble Brian (or Bri) and just_jimbo Jimbo (Jim or Jimmy). Any questions (and/or suggestions) can be directed to us via comments or email (if necessary).

See more about contacting us in the community RULES.

Allow a reasonable amount of time for us to respond, PLEASE. We have very busy lives away from our LiveJournal activities...


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