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Fortune's Favours Epilogue: One Thing 
17th-Dec-2010 08:39 am
Charles sexy

Title: Fortune's Favours
Previous Chapters:  Chapter 1   Chapter 2   Chapter 3    Chapter 4     Chapter 5    Chapter 6   Chapter 7    Chapter 8    Chapter 9      Chapter 10      Chapter 11      Chapter 12     Chapter 13     Chapter 14     Chapter 15     Chapter 16
Author: elanor1987
Pairing: Charles Brandon / Henry Tudor
Rating: NC-17
Story Summary: The story follows the storyline of the show, except for the fact that the King and his favorite Duke get a little closer in its course than in the original, making everything even more complicated. ;-)
Disclaimer: The Tudors belong to Showtime, I have absolutely no claim on the characters, the storyline etc.
A/N: I know the Tudors are in many points not exactly what you'd call historically accurate, still, in this fanfiction I decided to go with the Showtime version to avoid confusions.

Special Thanks to: 

First, I'd like to thank all of my  dear readers - you guys who have who have always kept me writing and commented on my chapters. I cannot nearly express what such a lovely support means to a writer, how I squealed with joy about each of your comments I read. And I met a lot of lovely Tudor-addicts while writing this and made a couple of awesome friends, like wonderful  niniel_amaya ,one of my most contant readers & supporters, which I'll even visit for some days in a few weeks.:-D And it is definitely no understatement when I say that the fact that I actually finished Fortune's Favours, is actually thanks to you and your constant support. Thank you so much, it was a pleasure!

A very special Thank You goes to narya86  and bunnster  Even though not being a 100% Tudor addict, Narya has read all of my scenes immediately after they were written and encouraged me whenever I felt unsure about a certain scene or a development in my story, as well as beta-read almost all chapters while coping with my nagging questions about "is not ready yet?!". Thank you for that, honey! Bunnster (which I also got to know during the course of writing this story)  had been a constant source of inspiration and we've chatted for hours  philosophing about the relationship of Henry and Charles and coming up for ideas for each other's storys. Moreover, she has always been my "living history book" about everything Tudor as well as also beta-read a couple of chapters. Thank you so much, I hope we manage to meet in person when I'm back as well!

One last thing: A couple of people have asked me whether I'll write another Tudor or Charles/Henry story. However,I'm afraid to say I cannot answer this at this point. In three days, I will pick up my backpack to go and travel Australia and New Zealand for another two months, so I will have rather limited Internet connection again and definitely no time for writing. Afterwards, it just depends on what I feel like. I would love to continue working on some other,older projects who deserve some attention. I also had some vague ideas for 1-2 other Tudor stories, but nothing concrete, so at this point, I don't want to promise anything.

Okay, so I guess I should prattling now and let you enjoy the last bit of Fortune's Favours. Here it is:

Epilogue: One Thing